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    Fair Chase Hunts

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    Southeast Alaska:

    Southeast’s geography and climate provide conditions for good habitat for a variety of big game. Sitka black tailed deer are found throughout the region. Black bears are particularly abundant on Prince of Wales and the islands in the central portion of the region. Goats are indigenous to the coast mountains and transplanted to Baranof Island. Moose are not numerous in Southeast Alaska, although reasonable populations are found on the Yakutat Forelands, in the Haines area, and smaller populations near Juneau, Petersburg and Ketchikan. Wolves are found in parts of Southeast Alaska. Much of the guided big game hunting in this region is by boat. Our boat “the PROFIT”.

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    The brown bear represents the spirit of Alaska, especially in Sitka. Strength & Untamed. This is the ultimate challenge for hunters looking for a True Fair chase while hunting the rainforest of SE Alaska. It is simply unmatched. Brown bear is two (2) hunters per 10 day trip. One on one – one guide per hunter, ensuring optimum success for each hunter. Individual hunter success for the last five years has been 85%-100%! Brown, Grizzlies and Kodiaks were once thought to be separate sub-species however it is generally agreed now that they are the same species. The Brown bear so named because he lives within 50 miles of the sea and usually supplements his diet with salmon is much larger than the inland grizzly. The Brown Bear is the largest land carnivore on earth. Although there is some dispute over his cousin the Polar Bear which spends the bulk of his life on ice flows. Admiralty, Baranof and Chichagof Islands in Southeast Alaska are home to large populations of the Brown Bear. Admiralty Island is said to have the densest population on earth at almost one bear per square mile.

    RATES: Brown Bear | $20,500.00 per hunter + tag license tax  – 10 days

    *prices may change without notice

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    The black bear of Kuiu Island are some of the largest in North America. A good percentage of them make Boone and Crockett. We average 7 foot squared. A close relative to the brown bear. Black bear make for an exciting and challenging hunt. All hunts are fair chase, spot and stalk.

    RATES: Black Bear | $7,500.00 per hunter + tag license tax  – 7 days
    Wolf is available on some Black Bear hunts at no charge.

    *prices may change without notice