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Experience some of the most memorable fishing and hunting trips in all of Alaska!

Southeast Alaska:
The Southeast’s geography and climate provide a habitat that is conducive to providing a thriving environment to a variety of big game. Sitka black tailed deer are abundant throughout the region. Brown Bear concentrations are some of the largest in the World. Black bears are particularly abundant on Prince of Wales and the islands in the central portion of the region. Mountain Goats are indigenous to the coastal mountains and transplanted to Baranof Island. Moose are not numerous in Southeast Alaska.  Wolves are found in parts of Southeast Alaska. Much of the guided big game hunting in this region is by boat along the inside passage. 


All of our hunts are fair chase and based from our vessel the Western Profit. For bear hunts, hunters and will be accompanied by one of our guides in skiffs to locate big game, and then put ashore for the stalk. In the Sitka area, on Baranof and Chichagof island’s have brown bear populations that are some of the highest concentrations in the world. Kuiu Island boast a black bear population of four bears per square mile, with a good number of wolves present as well. Swirling winds and changing tides can make these hunts challenging!


Brown Bear | Ursus Arctos Horribulus

The brown bear represents the spirit of Alaska, especially in Sitka. Strength & Untamed. This is the ultimate challenge for hunters looking for a True Fair chase hunt in Southeast Alaska’s Tongass National Forest. Our Brown bear hunt is exclusive for two (2) hunters per 10 day trip. One on one – one guide per hunter, ensuring optimum success for each hunter. Individual hunter success for the last five years has been 85%-100%! Brown, Grizzlies and Kodiaks were once thought to be separate sub-species however it is generally agreed now that they are the same species. The Brown bear so named because he lives within 50 miles of the sea and usually supplements his diet with Salmon is much larger than the inland grizzly. The Brown Bear is the largest land carnivore on earth. Although there is some dispute over his cousin the Polar Bear which spends the bulk of his life on ice flows. Admiralty, Baranof and Chichagof Islands in Southeast Alaska have the densest populations of Brown Bear in the world. 

Call us for current pricing and availability: 10 day Brown Bear Hunt. Other fees include: tag, license, tax, and NPF, observers are $350/day.

*prices may change without notice

Black Bear | Ursus Amricanus

The Black Bear’s of Kuiu Island are some of the largest in North America. A good percentage of them make Boone and Crockett. We average 7 foot squared. A close relative to the brown bear. Black bear make for an exciting and challenging hunt. All hunts are fair chase, spot and stalk.

Call us for current pricing and availability: 7 day Black Bear Hunt. Other fees include: tag, license, tax, and NPF, observers are $350/day.

(Wolves are available on some Black Bear hunts at an additional charge.)

 *prices may change without notice

Mtn Goat | Oreamnos Americanus

Mountain goat hunts are physically demanding and not for the weak of heart! This is one of the most underrated trophies in North America. It makes one of the most beautiful mounts and is becoming more desirable and sought out by hunters every year. Along with the spectacular scenery and challenge of the hunt, you are sure to leave with a lasting impression of one of the most difficult and authentic Southeast Alaskan hunts.

**2 Tags available, need to be hunted and booked in tandem 

RATES: Mtn Goat | Please contact Dustin for current pricing!





We would love to take you for an exclusive fishing or adventure cruise tailored to you. Bring your family and friends and we will cater to what your group wants to do each day. Your adventure will begin right from the harbor where fishing is some of the best in the world! Our captain, Dustin McLeod, has a long history of commercial fishing, owning his own Commercial freezer Troll Vessel and loves to catch fish which in turn leads to the most successful fishing while taking in all the sights along the way. The fishing from Sitka is THE BEST in Alaska due to its location. You won’t be disappointed in Sitka’s beautiful waters and majestic sights, and since we are born and raised here we can offer an incredible experience with our local knowledge. Since Sitka is on the open ocean it provides a great supply of fish. The bountiful islands, bays and passageways provides good shelter and feeding with baitfish attracting some of the largest runs of Wild Salmon, Halibut, Rockfish and Lingcod. 

You may also include freshwater species such as Cut Throat Trout, Rainbow Trout, or Dolly Varden as part of your excursion. There’s much to explore and see with plenty of opportunity to watch bears, eagles, deer, sea otters, sea lions, and whales all along the way.

Trip includes: Food and drinks (alcohol not included), vacuum sealing and freezing of your catch. Prices do not include fishing license, king salmon stamp, fish boxes or city sales taxes. **1- 65 pound fish box per person** some exceptions at the discretion of the captain depending on conditions.
5 day fishing trip: $27,000 boat rental – can accommodate up to 6 people

*We do not offer day trips*

*Pricing subject to change without notice 


Our Guides

Scott and Dustin McLeod are life long residents of Sitka Alaska. Our roots are deep seated in the outdoors – commercial fishing – trapping & hunting. Four generations of McLeods have called Sitka home. If you’re looking for an experience of a lifetime hunting for Brown Bear, Black Bear, or Mountain Goats. Or are seeking a fishing/adventure cruise in one of the greatest regions of the world, Sitka!

The McLeod family has hunted and gathered in Sitka and the surrounding area for over 60 years. This gives us a wealth of experience that is unmatched. It has been our greatest experience to share the land we love with our clients, and are proud to say that they have left as our friends. Scott started as an assistant guide to the legendary Southeast Guide Ben Forbes and has been Guiding for 40 + years.

Scott McLeod

Scott MCleod

Master Guide #188


It has been my greatest pleasure to have worked with my father in building Alaska Raven Guides. Now, as it is passed on to me, I want to make sure the success of the company continues to be based on the values my father put in motion. We are committed to loyalty, honesty, and integrity. And work to ensure each of our clients enjoys an unforgettable adventure. Guiding along side my father for 20 + years has given me the opportunity to gain unique local knowledge of the area.

Kenneth Dustin McLeod

Dustin McLeod

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